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Playing the Game

December 17, 2006

One recent grievance at work has really made me wonder why everyone (myself included) has such a strong tendency to mischaracterize another person’s arguments. At this point, it doesn’t really matter what the original problem was, all that matters is that we approach arguments from a sympathetic or unsympathetic viewpoint. If it is unsympathetic, we will dissect the argument by pointing out contradictions and inconsistencies of various parts of the argument. Although this is a perfectly rational means to make corrections, eventually the original abstract justification for explaining someone’s metaphysics of the world is challenged. Although I reject strong versions of metaphysics, there are weak forms of it that do seem necessary. Since this part of us is key to understanding our own identity and place in the world, it is the part of us that is most defensive against alternate interpretations.

Fortunately for me, I have the ability to appeal erroneous decision to the second step of the grievance process, hence my choice for the web identity Step2. For those without that ability, it seems like they are trapped within whatever power paradigm that they find themselves in. This can be good if their employer is a good person and trying to do what is right. This can be harmful if their employer is a bad person and corrupt.


Bundle of Joy

December 5, 2006

More family news. My sister and her husband recently had a baby boy. Welcome to the world Noah! In a blatant attempt to make him into a Trekkie, I will also bestow the Vulcan greeting: Live long and prosper!

The Hebrew definition of his name means to rest, which I suppose he and his mother will need to do. It was a very long labor, over twelve hours, with four hours of intense contractions. They were just on the verge of taking her into surgery to do a C-section when she was able to deliver him. What a marathon that was, but he sure is a cute little devil.