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January 21, 2007

“Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly and, if you speak, speak accordingly.” – Benjamin Franklin

A recent incident at Obsidian Wings has me thinking about sincerity. A commentator had the hive-mind in an uproar because he was making flatly insincere arguments. Then, just to add fuel to the fire, he was claiming his responses had merit and were legitimate debate. Thing is, this commentator had a reputation for exactly the foul behavior he was being accused of.

Personally, I think this was an overreaction. Yes, it can be annoying dealing with invincible ignorance and malicious tactics. But honestly, why don’t people just avoid responding? We had a person like that in our union years ago. Always agitating and stirring up trouble anywhere he could find it. Every time we gave him his right to speak. Every time we voted against his proposals. Because he was unable to get his way through legitimate channels, he started to undermine the rules the union made. Every time we gave him his day in court. Every time we increased the penalty for his actions. Finally, after many months, he was banned from the union. I guess my point is that a person like that will eventually self-destruct, there is no need to assign that type of character influence they don’t have in order to “protect” the community from harm.


Conflicting Reports

January 21, 2007

Strange goings on in the Iraq War. Bush, of course, went ahead with his plan for a “surge” despite huge public disapproval numbers. That is normal behavior in and of itself. What is weird to me are the wildly conflicting reports coming from various news sources. Some are saying that the Maliki government is finally doing its job and reigning in the militants, while some note that violence continues unabated and Maliki is resentful of more American troops. I also heard that the Sunni tribal leaders have decided to join forces with the government, permitting a “surge” in the number of Sunni police applicants. Yet our secondary goal, after Baghdad, is to suppress and control Anbar province, the heart of the Sunni insurgency. Politics and war being what they are, a certain degree of difference in reporting is inevitable, but this is ridiculous.

Although I agree with Gregory that the surge is likely to fail, considering the unending line of arrogance and denial made so far by this administration, we should still hope that something positive emerges from the fiasco that has overwhelmed Iraq.

Movie Review

January 3, 2007

Every blogger has to do a movie review at some point or another, so this will be my first, and hopefully last one.  The movie I went to see today was Dreamgirls.

The reviews I had read in the press were just absurd in praise, so I was expecting something truly amazing and inspirational.  The singing of Jennifer Hudson was in fact, inspirational.  Beyonce and Jamie Foxx also deliver strong performances in the movie.  Unfortunately, those two elements were not enough to save the overall plot of the movie, which was tired and predictable.

I would still recommend people go see it, simply to hear some incredible singing.  Hudson’s voice is a gift that transcends a mere soundtrack and transforms the listener.

Wit and wonder

January 1, 2007

I just found the best humor blog on the internet.  It is called Got Medieval, and it takes a sideways look at all things medieval.  Wit and sarcasm combined over a sprinkling of history, the blog has everything you could possibly want.  Except for cheese.

In late breaking news today:  Crosswords and Puzzles is giving away free cheese!  To receive your wonderful gift, just send in $50.00 for postage and handling.