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The Grave Diggers

February 18, 2007

One of my coworkers was talking about the recent mall shooting in Salt Lake City. He was complaining about how the MSM had failed to mention that the shooter was a Muslim. Then he started expounding about how only talk radio was mentioning this fact and threw out this bizarre label of the Underground Truth. I looked at him like he was crazy. It is one thing to say that journalists are not free of bias, but if he thinks talk radio is free of spin, he has entered an alternate dimension. This brave oracle is one of the true believers, at least until he converts again. When he was younger he used to be a raging liberal, all intense and sincere with indignation. Now he is a raging conservative, all intense and sincere with indignation.

Since I live in K-town, home of eternal war propagandist Glenn Reynolds, you don’t have to scratch far beneath the surface to see the problem with the GOP base. Whenever two of these bastions of upright living get together, they adopt this conspiratorial whispering about how terrible those hippie liberals are and start whining about how only they understand the true nature of the enemy – whether it be foreign or domestic. They have to whisper because the Great Liberal Conspiracy is just waiting to find them and brainwash them into…well, I can’t give away all the secret plans.

On a more positive note, my most conservative friend had some kind words to say about Barack Obama. This is a guy that homeschools his children, if that gives you an indication of his politics. So he nearly floored me with his remark that Barack was a good man who would bring honor to the office of President. Granted that he disapproves of almost all his policy positions, it was surprising to hear someone like him ignoring the character assassinations found all over Rightwing Blogistan. Speaking of which, the pastor Rick Warren was harshly criticized for inviting Obama to speak at his church. He responded with a bit of style, “Right wing, left wing, I want the whole bird.”


Cats and Insinuations

February 15, 2007

I was recently in a Right Reason debate with the formidable Lydia McGrew when I unintentionally offended her. To be fair, nearly all of my criticisms are going to offend some people, but sometimes you step over a line without realizing it. She was being very dismissive of the notion that teenagers would try to find feelings of emotional intimacy through sex. As part of her attack against that view, she gave a description of marital sex that was mostly based upon feelings of emotional intimacy. Since this was too blatant a contradiction, I pointed it out to her. I also tried to give some benefit to her side of the argument, since I do think most teens are simply not mature enough to have a clear perspective on their emotions. Well, Lydia was having none of that. She assumed I was denigrating marriage by saying it was merely about feelings, since marriage is more profound than that. Then she gave her view of marriage based primarily on emotional feelings. At this point, I was too perplexed to continue.

I will grant that good relationships require a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Nor do I think people should casually have sex with those they would not consider making a lifelong commitment to. Yet at the end of the day, it is an emotional bond that is being forged.

The funny and strange part of all of this was that she called my remark “catty.” It is certainly true that I tease her quite often, since she is by her own admission a rampager and absolutist on many, many social issues. So mea culpa for all those past quips that were a little too edgy. In this particular case, I think I should interview an expert on this subject, my pet cat Grace.

Step2: Are you in fact a cat?
Grace: Meow.
Step2: What aspect of me, if any, would you consider catty?
Grace: (Rubs up against legs)
Step2: Well, they do have a little bit of fur on them. In what ways could I be more catlike?
Grace: (Runs over to food dish. Paws at food dish)
Step2: You ate just a few hours ago. How about we play catch the laser pointer dot?
Grace: (Crouches into attack stance then runs around in circles as light dances around her)
Step2: Better luck next time, Grace.