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Low Crimes

May 23, 2007

If you have not yet digested the impact of the Comey testimony upon the legal community, the excellent Marty Lederman has the rundown here. Basically, it shows how desperate the principal actors in the White House were to protect their illegal spying activity. By illegal, I mean that the top echelon at the DOJ were willing to resign in protest over it and that the administration would not allow any sort of judicial review. The reason for this midnight visit to bypass the Acting Attorney General was most likely done to protect the telecom companies from civil and criminal liability, not to keep government employees from violating the law. Apparently the Executive Branch cannot even comprehend the antiquated notion of rule of law or checks and balances. As long as there was a signature by somebody who could conceivably claim the authority of AG, the telecom companies would keep their data streams wide open for snooping.


Cult of Authority

May 2, 2007

“When I see the worsening degeneracy in our politicians, our media, our educators, and our intelligentsia, I can’t help wondering if the day may yet come when the only thing that can save this country is a military coup.” – Thomas Sowell

Well now, isn’t that special? Please remember that only liberals advocate the destruction of a free society and hate democracy.

Chickenhawk Arguments

May 2, 2007

Some vitriolic lunatic in the aforementioned race and crime argument accused me of being a coward, traitor, socialist pornographer, (etc…) since I had the audacity to not live in a different country or in the heart of a ghetto to show my support of multiculturalism. There are a few things that will get me jumping right up on my liberal soapbox and start a barrage of sarcasm and mockery, and this is one of them. This is my country and I will not let some cretin tell me that I have to live somewhere else. Moving to a white trailer park or a black ghetto would be a ridiculous way to oppose crime, nor do I consider any neighborhood based on economic class to be a representative standard of the entire race of people who live in it.

“Go fight this war yourself.” A common refrain heard around the blogosphere, it has some value as a tactic, since it is hypocritical to suggest a policy in which you expect others to pay the full cost. On the other hand, it primarily serves as a way to derail the discussion and denigrate someone’s motives. The one time I used it, the comment was justifiably removed by the author of the post.

Returning to the argument from genetics, let’s see what is what. According to some statistics that seem biased, but I have no easy way of verifying them, the rate of crime committed by blacks is proportional to whites to the same degree that male criminals are proportional to female. For the sake of argument, let’s assume this is true. Even if you posit that testosterone leads to aggressive behavior, it does not automatically follow that aggressiveness in males equals violence or lawbreaking. It is much more likely that crime among men is a learned behavior, they are taught to channel their aggressiveness through games that mimic violence through most of their childhood and youth. War simulations are about deception and destroying the enemy. The sports related games are less violent, and these seem much better at teaching men how to compete within the context of rules. Considering the economic and cultural disparity that centuries of slavery and segregation wrought, it would be surprising if dysfunctions did not exist in a more serious form within the black community than the white. That does not mean they cannot be reduced over time, just that two generations since the Civil Rights Act is not a lot of time to recover from everything that went before it. I would be remiss if I did not also point out that Asian heritage populations have a crime rate half that of whites, so if the genetic view is correct they are presumably born morally superior to whites.