Uncle Rico

What can be said about Scooter’s de facto pardon by the President? I say de facto because commuting the sentence actually achieves much more in the short term than a pardon and it leaves the door open for a full pardon after the appeals have run out.

As has been explored all across the internet, this has nothing to do with concepts like justice or fairness, it is instead based solely upon the impulses of power and loyalty. Libby was one of the High Council of neocon insiders, to allow him to serve time in prison like a commoner would allow the public to think the royal princes could be held accountable to the law.

The oft-repeated meme that this was a partisan witch hunt, led by GOP appointees all the way through, is purely risible. The secondary defense, that there was no underlying crime, has a slight bit of merit to it because of Richard Armitage’s role in the leak. His excuse was based on an internal memo that was labeled secret but did not describe Plame’s covert status. He cooperated fully with the investigation, indicating that his error, while substantial and worthy of punishment, was not made with malicious intent. Libby, on the other hand, certainly knew of her covert status from Cheney or some other source and told reporters anyway. That is the only explanation that makes any sense as to why he would repeatedly lie to the prosecutor in this matter.

Finally, it is amusing to me that Paris Hilton was capable of serving her time in jail, unlike a neocon charlatan who can never be held responsible for anything. A vapid and empty headed heiress has more courage than a neocon to face the consequences, which sums up the crisis of accountability in this country.

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