Remember when…

This is getting ridiculous. Impeachment needs to start immediately. The days of anything other than slash and burn politics have passed and Congress needs to restore its coequal status under the Constitution.

Remember when Republicans believed in majority rule and hated obstruction? Like true quislings, they have supported this administration through every catastrophe and crime. Even though Bush has done nothing but show them contempt and demanded support for his divisive and misguided policies. Now that the reigns of power have shifted, the GOP cannot stand the idea of accountability. At their current rate, they will almost triple the previous record for cloture votes in the Senate. Hypocrisy is nothing new to politics, but with the GOP it ascends to new levels of disease and institutional rot.

Remember when Republicans believed in smaller government? Yes, you can stop laughing now, they really did say they believed that nonsense. Of course it was untrue, why would they ever be honest to the voters?

Remember when Republicans were willing to impeach a President over perjury and obstruction of justice? Now Bush is declaring, like all the kings before him, that Congress has no power to investigate his criminal activities once he asserts executive privilege. His concierge Alberto Gonzolas lies repeatedly to Congress about everything that occurs in his department. Vice President Cheney declares himself a fourth branch of government, beyond the reach of accountability. Last but not least, the entire GOP is willing to hold the troops hostage in Iraq rather than face the fiasco they helped create there. They will deny, obstruct, smear, and spin around with their fingers in their ears before they accept one iota of blame for the bloodbath until we leave. After we leave and the civil war starts in earnest, they will scream about the treacherous Democrats. It must be nice to live in their world of delusion, where nothing is ever their fault. It wasn’t the incompetence and lies and hubris of this administration, it was the weak will of the public and the Dhimmicrats. One thing is certain, the military is reaching its breaking point, and the generals will have to acknowledge that stark reality sooner rather than later.

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