King of Spin

You know that things in the pundit world have gone straight to the asylum when noted drug addict, serial divorcee, and prolific liar Rush Limbaugh is getting political cover from his pals at NRO. I am honestly stunned that anyone who has ever listened to his show would make the outrageously distorted statements McCarthy is making.

First things first though, the transcript of the “phony soldiers” remark and its context is opposed to the way McCarthy tries to spin it. Rush does try to dissemble a little bit later in the broadcast and makes reference to Jesse Macbeth who was convicted for fraud and falsifying records. But as an initial response to his caller, Rush is crystal clear that anyone in uniform who gives negative remarks to the media about the war is a phony soldier.

Secondly, if you have ever listened to Rush Limbaugh for more than ten minutes, to say that he is not interested in ideological purity is the most inane comment one could ever utter. He essentially tells his first caller on the transcript, the one he disagrees with, that he cannot be a Republican because he supports a time line for withdrawal. Apparently only Mr. Limbaugh gets to decide who is or is not a Republican and a conservative. Voting history and the various groups and factions that make up the base of the GOP are all void of meaning when Rush puts on his little authoritarian boots.

Thirdly, it is remarkable how quickly the Republican base can forget their own fake outrage. Not even a month had passed since the entire GOP was screaming bloody murder about the MoveOn ad in the NYT. Enough so that they got their congresscritters to declare all sorts of condemnations against the foul, treacherous liberals who besmirch the men and women in uniform. Sadly, the spineless and worthless Democrats went along with this retarded attack on free speech. With all the awareness and delicacy of a buffoon, Rush then provides the perfect silver lining to this whole sordid affair. Like Greenwald says, if we must live under these corrupt standards of acceptable criticism, it is imperative that they be applied consistently.

Lastly, the good works that Rush does for the military and their families, while deserving of praise, does not mean he is free to attack as phony or dishonorable anyone in uniform who disagrees with him. This is clearly what he is doing and what he will continue to do as long as his defenders ignore the blatant hypocrisy of it.

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