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Paranoid Predator

September 22, 2006

I would comment about this, but I might end up on his Orwellian “enemies list.”


War Blogs

August 11, 2006

Two of my favorite writers on all things military: Pat Lang and Kingdaddy. Pat Lang is more of a technical analyst, while Kingdaddy is good at laying out strategy. I don’t recall where I saw or read this, but Lang applied for a job as an intelligence analyst for the Pentagon after 9/11. His stellar record and linguistic skills would have been invaluable if Rumsfeld and company were interested in reality. Instead, the interviewer viewed his speaking of Arabic languages as a detriment and said “Thanks, but no thanks.” Which only makes sense if you realize they want ideological purity to guide their intelligence assessments, rather than hearing the truth. Pax Americana in all its disguises.


July 28, 2006

Every philosophy, no matter how perfect it strives to be, contains a few contradictions. This is just the result of the priorities needed to hold the framework together, which always suffer from some degree of friction. Sometimes the contradictions that arise are fatal and sometimes they are trivial. The neocon philosophy, if it can be called a philosophy, is suffering from multiple fatal contradictions.

They want to establish democracy in the Middle East, which is a noble goal, but they only want governments that are friendly to the US to be in power. So that is the first contradiction, in that the will of the population cannot be allowed to impair the relationship to the US. As a consequence of this, the neocons want a weak central government in these areas which will be easily persuaded by economic or military leverage. This sets up a situation where militant subversives can operate freely within the state, building up enough force to attack other nations or wage civil war. Instead of a democracy with a weak central government, what we actually end up with is either anarchy or an unaccountable militant state within the larger democracy.

Coinciding with this disastrous foreign policy, the neocons have a domestic policy that makes sure we cannot repair any of these mistakes. Unlike nearly all other wars in history, they lowered the taxes, insuring that the public feels no direct consequence of their prolific spending. They also have categorically ruled out a draft, even though the pitiful lack of manpower has been a primary reason the security situation has degraded.